Three aerobic exercises for urban people

Three aerobic exercises for urban people

Exercise can help the body consume excessive and hoarding traces in the body. If MM hates overly complex weight loss exercises and weight loss exercises, the following exercises can help you burn excess feces!

  Rope skipping: Uninterrupted rope skipping for 10 minutes is similar to the moment consumed by jogging for 30 minutes. It is a kind of aerobic exercise with low time and high energy consumption.

Long-term adherence can tighten your legs.

  Squat: It can obviously improve the pear shape, MMs can exercise while watching TV.

Basic supplements can be taken for different skinny legs. The toes extend slightly inward to extend the extended posture, which has a significant effect on tightening the lateral muscles of the legs and posture muscles!

  Waist exercise: MM who wants to become “small waist fine” can lie on his back before going to bed, bend his legs and arms on the side of the body, slowly lift his head and upper body up, stay for about 1 minute and then drop the head, repeat until the muscle feelSour.

Persistence can make the waist protruding lines beautiful.

  Gentle exercise is a low-intensity, low-energy exercise mode, also known as “moderate exercise.”

The so-called moderate is the instant physical exercise that consumes 2000 kcal per week, which is equivalent to playing 2?

3 hours of table tennis.

  Gentle exercise improves the function of the human body through a certain amount of whole body exercise, and boots improve the quality of the human body.

The characteristics of aerobic exercise are: the energy required for exercise is mainly provided by oxidizing traces of the body; about 2/3 of the muscle group participates in the exercise; the exercise intensity is low, moderate, and the duration is only 15?40 minutes or hour.

  During aerobic exercise, the body inhales 8 times as much oxygen as it does in the quiet state.

Long-term adherence to aerobic exercise can increase the amount of hemoglobin in the body and improve the body’s resistance; improve the working efficiency of the cerebral cortex and cardiopulmonary function, increase slight consumption, prevent arteriosclerosis, and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  There are various forms of aerobic exercise, such as walking to lose weight, jogging to lose weight, jumping to lose weight aerobics, swimming to lose weight, riding a bicycle, playing Tai Chi, etc.

Exercise three times a week for about half an hour or longer.

The intensity varies from person to person: 20?
30 years old, heart rate should be maintained at about 140 beats per minute during exercise, 40?
50 years old, heart rate should be maintained at 120 during exercise?
135 beats per minute, when people over 60 years of age exercise, the heart rate is maintained at 100?
120 times / minute.