How is your reaction and judgment

How is your reaction and judgment

Are you responsive?

Is judgment strong?

Measure and see.

  It was a rare holiday morning, and you got up at five!

I had an appointment with my lover for a morning run!

When you saw a beautiful woman with glasses and a trendy dress standing in the shade by the river, you happened to pass by her and saw her open her handbag and look for it. What do you think she was looking for?

  A: Tissue paper B: Cosmetics C: Wallet D: Small mirror results analysis: A: Your reaction ability is not satisfactory, but because you are a person worthy of etiquette, your observation ability is good, and you can make small actions by the other partyIntroduce the attempts and motivations of others.

  B: Because your observation ability is very sharp, what happens usually is inseparable from ten, and your shortcoming is that you love to detect the private affairs of others too much. You should pay attention to the things you really care about, which may cause you to do things.When I miss the point!

  C: When a group of people go out to play together, you can best use your keen observation, because you are afraid that everyone will not pay the bill, so you will always pay attention to the actions of others who have not paid for it.Go to the toilet and make a phone call first, your standard escape excuse.

  D: Because you pay attention to surface work and care about the appearance of indecent, your ability to observe others is very poor, and the reaction to objects is worse than anyone else.

People like you are most vulnerable to being fooled.