Winter swimming should avoid three misunderstandings

Winter swimming should avoid three misunderstandings

In winter, more and more people start to try winter swimming. In Qianling Lake, Guiyang and other famous winter swimming places, people come to swim in endlessly.

They say that winter swimming is doing “vascular gymnastics.”

  Experts remind that winter swimming must strictly adhere to science, especially to prevent three major misunderstandings.

  Misunderstanding one, think that winter swimming can cure everything.

Zhang Shengjun said that winter swimming is essentially a sport, and some people want to use winter swimming to treat diseases and must be careful.

  Winter swimming can strengthen the body, improve the body’s immunity, and can promote the gradual remission and improvement of some functional diseases.

Although there are often reports that someone has cured the disease because of insisting on winter swimming, the research in this area has been limited, and individual examples and experiences are not universal.

  Myth 2: I think that the longer you swim, the more energy you can exercise.

Experts say that the time for different people’s winter swimming should vary depending on air temperature, water temperature, and physical fitness.

There are two possible phenomena. One is that you swim in the water for too long. After you go ashore, your body becomes numb and trembles. This can easily damage some organs.

Another phenomenon is that the time in the water is too short, and it will go ashore as soon as it enters the water. Without sufficient stimulation, the effect of exercise cannot be achieved.

  Myth 3, I think everyone is suitable for winter swimming.

People with more serious diseases, such as patients with hypertension that cannot be controlled by drugs, people with congenital heart disease, rheumatic heart valve disease, and patients with epilepsy are not suitable for winter swimming.

Even if a person of good constitution wants to go for winter swimming, there should be a gradual process, and it is best to start with summer and autumn to adapt the body.