Experts recommend 2 ways to eliminate eye bags_1

Experts recommend 2 ways to eliminate eye bags

Guide: It is not easy to completely eliminate the bags under the eyes.

In addition to taking the right approach, you must also persist in the long term.

Bags under the eyes will make the eyes look older, and the eyes are the most likely to cause women’s age secrets, so MMs are trying to eliminate the bags under the eyes.

Experts recommend the correct use of eye cream and nutrient elements to eliminate eye bags, the effect is certainly good, but the key is to see if you can persist.

1. In order to weaken or eliminate bags under the eyes when using eye cream correctly, eye cream and eye mask are necessary, and the choice should be different according to different ages.

In fact, middle-aged and elderly women must choose nourishing eye creams and eye masks, which can nourish the skin, restore skin firmness around the eyes, and make eye bags less visible.

If you are young, bags under your eyes are usually caused by edema.

This is not to say that the skin around your eyes is full of water. On the contrary, the presence of bags under the eyes disrupts the normal blood circulation of the eyes and makes the skin around the eyes drier.

To deal with this kind of bags under the eyes, of course, hydration is the first. Be sure to choose a hydrating eye cream.

Eye masks are also available.

  2, the use of nutritional elements to eliminate bags under the eyes, beauty stylists can be described as racking their brains, in decades of fighting under the eyes have also accumulated a lot of experience.

Here, I will pick a few methods that can withstand the most test and share them with MM.

  Vitamin E capsules: Among the many ways to eliminate eye bags, applying vitamin E is very popular with MMs.

Go to a pharmacy to buy vitamin E capsules, cut the capsules, apply the liquid inside the skin around the eyes, and massage gently.

After 4 weeks of continuous use, the bags under the eyes can be noticeably smaller.

If you are in conflict with age, you can also use it internally, for better internal and external use.

If you take it orally, you should pay attention to the amount. If you take it too much, it will promote the oxidant and affect the absorption of other vitamins.

  Figs and Papaya: For young MM, figs and papaya to eliminate eye bags are a good choice.

Figs are rich in a variety of nutrients and have anti-inflammatory and swelling effects. They are very effective in treating puffiness under the eyes.

Cut fresh figs into thin slices, apply to eyes, and remove after 15 minutes.

Once a day, long-term use can get the effect of eliminating eye bags.

Message from the editor: Figs and papaya are a great way to eliminate eye bags, MMs can try it.