See through her psychology from women’s dress

See through her psychology from women’s dress

For women, clothes are no longer the clothes needed for daily life. Clothes have become a part of women’s bodies. They are as important as skin.There is an extreme connection in the mind.

  American psychologist Dr. Peter Rolf believes that a person’s preference for clothing color and clothing can often be said to be psychological, and this is more obvious to women.

At the same time, Shibuya Masanori, a professor of psychology at the Department of Human Sociology at Mejiro University in Japan, also proposed that a woman’s choice of clothing has hidden many personal psychological characteristics.

A recent online survey of 5,220 women found some interesting results that also reflected certain psychological characteristics of contemporary women.

  In our impression, skirts are women’s iconic outfits.

But the data from that survey upended previous perceptions.

On the question of “most pants or skirts”, 70.

88% of women choose pants.

This not only reflects the changes in women’s requirements for clothing, but also reflects their subtle psychological changes.

First, skirts are more feminine and feminine, while pants are more neutral.

  There is a trend in modern society, and women are beginning to pursue a neutral temperament, which can be seen from the selection of “super girls”.

In addition, women mostly work hard in the workplace. They want to work like men and prove themselves with strength, but are not willing to accept the gender characteristics of women to show off their weakness.

Therefore, they want to conceal their feminine temperament as much as possible. Therefore, they are naturally more favored because of their able and steady pants.

  In the survey, there were 22.

15% of women never buy the same clothes, 61.

24% of women occasionally buy the same model.

Of course, this is closely related to the variety of clothing styles. At the same time, more than 80% of women are pursuing changes in clothing styles, reflecting their psychological characteristics of maintaining their personality while pursuing people and things.

These women like to accept new things, new mobile phones, digital cameras, and they often become the first customers.

In addition, they are uneasy about the status quo, and once the passion is gone, they will find ways to find new stimuli.

  Foreign psychologists say that women can also be understood through the brightness of the color of their clothes.

In this survey, the number of people who like warm colors and cold colors is not much different, being 27 respectively.

18% and 32.


From a psychological point of view, women who just like warm colors are more disturbed and feel uncertain about life.

A study by Masahiro Shibuya also found that women who usually wear high-brightness clothes unconsciously use bright colors to restore their anxiety in their hearts.

  Of course, there is no absolute equivalence between women’s clothing and their psychology. The former is just a reflection of a few. Choosing a certain type of clothing is also related to the mood of the moment and place.

Therefore, we don’t have to pretend that we have to see what other people are wearing.