Teach you five simple fitness methods without spending money

Teach you five simple fitness methods without spending money

First, dragging the dog to run his daughter and raising a puppy, a bullfighting brand, can eat, is strong, and is fat.

Every morning when I wake up at 5 o’clock and can’t sleep, I take it out and drag it to run more than 1,000 meters.

Why do you say “dragging” because it is too lazy to want to run at all, I put my hands behind my back and dragged the leash with both hands to run.

It sits back hard, sometimes reducing the nails and bleeding.

I later found that if I ran, I dragged it and ran hard, so that his claws barely touched the ground, so that he could not sit back hard, or he would not run or walk slowly, so that he would not bleed.

Pulling it up and running is like running with a load, and your exercise effect is also very good.

The dog’s body is even better.

  Second, I crawled and wiped the floor. In the winter, the room was dry. Every morning, I was awakened. I used an old vest and washed it in a plastic bucket for washing vegetables.

This method especially exercises my arm strength, making my body look like the calf of the average person, and the muscles of the lower back are also very good.

Many ladies told me that I had a horizontal groove on my lower back and a vertical groove on my back, which was particularly beautiful.

The back of the fat people is flat, fat, and love heart disease.

My room is 60 square meters. I wipe it at least once a day and climb back and forth several times.

  Third, the specific method of taking the big top is to turn your back to the wall against the wooden door, twist it up to the wall, hang it upside down, put your feet on the door frame, and stay still.

I put a stopwatch on the ground in front of me. I usually do it for 2 minutes and 10 seconds at a time, once a day.

Some people say that this method can prevent and treat high blood pressure. I do n’t know much, but the blood pressure has been 80-120 these years. The doctor said that it is an excellent blood pressure compared to a man in my 40s.

  Fourth, the Scout This is a military training action I learned from the TV news of the PLA Scout training film.

With elbows and feet on the ground, the whole body was straightened, and the whole body was placed on the floor like a bench.

Others can reach out and touch your abs, like a wooden rubbing board.

This may be the groove on my hip spine. The muscles on both sides are too developed, and the spine looks like a groove.

You can also use a stopwatch to do this kind of exercise. Most people do at most one minute at a time. My record is 11 minutes.

For a long time, when you are so bored, you can put a newspaper on the floor in front of you, and “reconnaissance” while watching the newspaper.

This exercise also makes the muscles where the hind arms and shoulders are connected.

When I was playing basketball, the nephews who were 20 years younger than me (they often called me uncles) were particularly afraid of a collision with my body.

  Fifth, if there is someone in the family, as long as men and women can let their backs, they can carry them around in the house, which can be done while watching TV. My record is that people carrying more than 140 catties walk for 13 minutes.

During this initial exercise, the legs became hot and numb, and they were very long.

Every time after the exercise, let the person relax.

This is a good practice, which can be very useful when sending patients to the emergency room of a hospital.

  The above five tricks can be carried out in the house, in the surrounding community, with high intensity of exercise, no penny spent, and building a strong iron muscle is the biggest feature of this pentathlon.

These two guarantees haven’t been to the hospital for 10 years and haven’t spent a penny to see a doctor.