5 killers for baby intelligence

5 “killers” for baby intelligence

Parents want their babies to be exceptionally intelligent and to invest heavily in “intelligent investment.” These measures are understandable. Unfortunately, they ignore the various intellectual “killers” in life.
Do you know what these killers are?
  One of the “killers”: harmful elements Harmful metal elements are one of the “killers” of intelligence hidden in life, especially lead and aluminum are more harmful.
Studies have confirmed that as long as the baby’s body reaches a level of 5-15 mg of lead per 10 ml of plasma, it can cause developmental retardation and mental retardation.
So, how does lead get into your baby?
Experts list the following ways: young children licking toys containing lead pigments; packing children’s food in polyethylene plastic bags; often giving babies eggs, popcorn, canned food or drinks.
Babies often inhale car exhaust while playing on the highway; parents smoke in front of the baby; poor indoor gas and so on.
In terms of damaging intelligence, aluminum and lead are really “one hill and the other”. Drinking alum-treated tap water, eating food cooked with aluminum cooking utensils, eating foods containing aluminum leavening agents such as fritters, bread, cakes, and vermicelli are vulnerable to aluminumViolations.
Countermeasure: Cut off the invasion channels of the above-mentioned harmful elements, and eat more fresh fruits, vegetables or foods rich in calcium, iron and vitamin C to reduce the absorption of lead and aluminum or promote the timely discharge of harmful metals in the body.
  ”Killer” 2: Carbon monoxide Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas. When its concentration in the air reaches 35%, the metabolism of brain cells is directly inhibited, which hinders brain development and causes low IQ.
To make matters worse, we often have to deal with it; such as the commonly used pipe gas, which produces carbon monoxide during combustion; in-line gas water heaters, which directly exhaust the exhaust gas indoors; indoor coal stoves for heating or cooking, carbon monoxide can also be harmfulConcentration; Damage to domestic gas cookers and pipeline equipment could not be repaired in time, leading to carbon monoxide leakage.
Countermeasure: Minimize the source of carbon monoxide. Regularly open the windows and ventilate the room to avoid harmful concentrations of carbon monoxide in the room.
  ”Killer” No. 3: Teasing Baby Parents or relatives and friends tease their baby to show love to them, which is reasonable and beyond reproach.
But some people are ridiculous and debatable.
Such as making a baby laugh, and even instantaneous suffocation, damage to the brain.
Another example is the high-throwing baby. Because the baby’s head is heavier and the neck muscles are weak, it is easy to make the baby’s head vibrate after being thrown high.
Countermeasures: For the baby to have a good head, refrain from all uncivilized teasing methods.
  ”Killer” 4: Obesity Obesity is not only easy to get sick, but also stifles intelligence.
Compared with normal children of the same age, obese children over 20% of normal weight have significantly different IQs from the latter. The former’s ability to see, hear, and accept knowledge is at a low level.
.> Nine misconceptions lead to obese children Countermeasures: Adjust the baby’s diet structure, reduce fat mass, focus on sleep, exercise more, and lose weight.
  ”Killer” No. 5: Improper diet Some parents require their babies and adults to “eat together”, neglecting the baby’s special characteristics, but also “strain” intellectual development.
MSG, for example, is safe for adults but harmful to children.
Because the main component of MSG is sodium glutamate, which is easy to combine with zinc to form sodium glutamate, which is difficult to dissolve, causing the baby to lack zinc and affect brain development.
Another example is vegetarian food, which is very beneficial to adults and can prevent a variety of “rich and noble diseases” (hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, etc.).
However, children’s brain development is inseparable from fat, especially some special lipids (such as 22-carbon-6 enoic acid, etc., also known as brain gold) are most abundant only in meat and other food, so vegan diet will reduce their intelligence level.
Countermeasure: Eat MSG and sweets as little as possible, try to balance the structure of the recipe, match the meat and vegetables, and arrange brain and healthy foods such as fish and poultry appropriately.