April Tea Fragrant Become a Beautiful La Traviata

April Tea Fragrant Become a Beautiful “La Traviata”

Since ancient times, China has regarded tea drinking as a kind of physical and mental enjoyment. Many people also like to watch the process of making tea. Women brew tea with a trace of gentle air, and pour out strands of tea with both hands on the simple tea set.Fragrant.
: Eyes are like transverse waves, qi is like Xianglan, body is like white jade, people are like Yuehua, Qingyayan, tea fragrance overflows.
People and tea become a landscape.
  Be a Camellia Girl A woman like tea, tea can also moisturize a woman.
A writer of the Song Dynasty, a verse by Su Dongpo tells the relationship between women and tea-never good as a good woman.
There is an inextricable connection between women and tea.
Nowadays, Chengdu women have a new Tea Classic, which is tea beauty.
Modern scientific and technological research shows that tea has numerous beauty effects.
Now that Qingming Tea is on the market, you must not miss such a good opportunity to be a beautiful “La Traviata”.
  Drinking tea and picking up a “big deal” Wu Zhenqiu, director of Chengdu Dahua Medical Aesthetic Hospital, said with a smile that the good figure of a Chengdu woman may be related to her love for tea.
In fact, the Journal of the American Nutrition Association has confirmed that green tea does have a weight-loss effect and an anti-cancer effect.
Many Chengdu women often dump leftover tea and tea leaves.
This is really wasteful.
  do you know?
Tea is not only drinkable, but also has other wonderful uses, such as washing your hair, washing your face, taking a bath . Xiao Shuhong, director of the Chengdu China Garden Skin and Beauty Department, said that the beauty of tea beauty lies in tea polyphenols and various vitamins.
They work wonders for scavenging free radicals, delaying aging and preventing cancer.
  In April, clear tea lined with beauty tea and women have an inextricable bond.
The fifth bowl of Lu Tong’s “Thanks for Writing New Tea”-“Five bowls of clear skin.”
It can make a woman’s skin clear and really make a woman love it.
Of course, as with pinna, beauty with tea is also particular about it.
Choosing bad teas will affect the beauty effect.
  If you want a good cosmetic effect, you must choose Qingming tea.
Qingming tea is the first bud of tea in the Spring Festival.
Anyone who knows tea knows that tea is divided into seasons, which are divided into spring tea, summer tea, autumn tea, and winter tea.
Therefore, Qingming tea is the best product of the year.
“Fenfen Tea” and “Spring Equinox Tea” are the most precious and are the best of spring tea.
  Why is that?
Because the spring temperature is moderate and the rainfall is abundant, the Qingming tea has a green color and soft leaves.
In addition, spring tea is generally free of harmful diseases and insect pests, no need to use pesticides, tea is not polluted, and is rich in various vitamins and amino acids.
Especially the green tea in Qingming tea has the best cosmetic effect because of its high content of tea polyphenols and vitamins.
  Tea beauty products: Tea is used in cosmetics, so that the cosmetic ingredients in tea are directly absorbed by the skin.
Tea beauty products include tea facial cleanser, tea lotion, tea mask, tea whitening cream, tea sun lotion, tea shampoo, etc. They all take advantage of the beauty effect of tea and have the advantages of safety and low irritation.
The method of use is simple, economical and applicable, and long-term adherence can achieve good results.
  The cost of tea beauty is very cheap compared to cosmetics, as long as a few dollars can achieve good results.
Tea Soup Washing Face 汤 After washing your face at night, make a cup of tea, apply the tea soup to your face, and pat your face gently, or attach a cotton cloth dipped in tea soup to your face and wash with water.
The brown color on the face can be eliminated naturally overnight, which can remove stains and whiten the skin.
  2.For tea mask, mix 1 spoon of flour and 1 egg yolk, mix well and add 1 spoon of green tea powder.

Apply it evenly on the washed shells and wash your face after 20 minutes.

Even mix 1 teaspoon of sugar tea soup and 1 teaspoon of flour, make a mask and wash your face after 15-20 minutes.

Can eliminate acne and remove grease.


Tea Eye Meal After brewing tea, squeeze it out and put it in a gauze bag.

Close your eyes and put the tea bag on your eyes for 10-15 minutes.

Can relieve eye fatigue, improve dark circles, and treat eye diseases.


Tea shampoo, hair care tea seed cake contains 10% tea saponin, tea saponin has a good washing effect.

The shampoo with tea saponin as its raw material has antidandruff and antipruritic functions, has no irritation to the skin, and fresh and elegant hair.

  Tea leaves can be used for hair care. After shampooing, apply fine tea powder to the scalp and massage gently, once a day.

Or spread the tea soup on your head and massage for 1 minute and wash.

Capable of crystallizing hair loss and removing dandruff.


Tea soup bath, soak 20-30 grams of tea leaves into a small cloth bag, put them in a bathtub for bathing.

Pour the brewed tea soup into the foot basin to soak your feet.

Heal skin diseases, remove horny skin and make skin smooth.

Can also dispel body odor, with a fragrance of tea.