Hawthorn meat nourishes stomach and promotes digestion

Hawthorn meat nourishes stomach and promotes digestion

Hawthorn has a mild temperature, sweet and sour taste, and has the functions of digesting and strengthening the stomach, promoting blood circulation and stasis, and astringent and antidiarrheal functions.

Its main effect is digestion and stomach.

  The Xiaoshi Jianpi medicine in Chinese medicine has its own characteristics, some of which are pasta and some of which are meat, and hawthorn is the top product of elimination of meat and food.

Chinese ancient medical scientists have long improved the soft and strong product of hawthorn, and developed Jiaosanxian, Baohe Pill, Hawthorn Pill and other traditional Chinese medicines, which are mainly composed of hawthorn.

  Modern pharmacological studies suggest that hawthorn contains a variety of organic acids such as maslinic acid, and contains lipolytic enzymes. After entering the stomach, it can enhance the role of enzymes, promote meat digestion, and can be transformed.

Therefore, for those who feel full after eating meat or greasy foods, eat raw hawthorn, hawthorn flakes, hawthorn water or hawthorn pills, etc., unless consumed.

  Hawthorn also has many functions such as anti-cancer, anti-cancer, strengthening heart, regulating blood fat, lowering blood pressure, alleviating dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, etc., and has high medical value.

But eating hawthorn is not good.

Hawthorn can promote gastric acid secretion, and it is not suitable to eat on an empty stomach.

The acid in Hawthorn is corrosive to the teeth. After eating, you should rinse your mouth and brush your teeth. Children who are in the period of tooth replacement should pay more attention.

Pregnant women should not eat more hawthorn, especially raw hawthorn, because studies have found that hawthorn has the effect of contracting uterine smooth muscle and may induce miscarriage.