The onion is too strong on the soles of the feet, solving the problems of many people and learning to use them for a lifetime!

The onion is too strong on the soles of the feet, solving the problems of many people and learning to use them for a lifetime!

Onions are very common vegetables in our lives, and we often eat onions when we eat.

Onions are cheap and nutritious and can be bought all year round. They are a rare health food.

The taste of the onions is a bit spicy, and many people are tempted, and the onions will provoke tears.

Many people may not want to eat onions.

In fact, onion is rich in nutrients, and has many functions and effects.

It contains vitamin C and niacin to make the skin rosy, shiny and elastic, and its vitamin E can effectively prevent age spots.

In addition, onion is an “artifact” to solve some small problems in life. Today, let’s talk about the magical effect of onion. Let’s take a look!

Six wonderful uses of onions, learn to use for a lifetime!

First, to prevent nasal congestion When we have a cold nose, we can take the onion core and plug the nostrils.

In this way, the irritating odor of the onion can cause the nose to illuminate instantly, effectively relieving nasal congestion.

Second, the treatment of burned onions also has the effect of treating burns.

Cut the onion into pieces and then transform the burned skin to heal.

The juice of the onion can completely relieve pain and prevent infection, while also helping to prevent scarring in the burned area.

Third, fever fever is very uncomfortable, many people do not know what methods can be used to alleviate this symptom.

In fact, onions can help you.

Before going to bed at night, you can cut a slice of onion on the band-aid and stick it on the sole of the foot, so that you can sleep for one night and wake up after awakening.

Fourth, relieve earache, earache, many people have chosen to endure, in fact, this is also very difficult to bear.

At this time, we can take off the onion heart before going to bed and stuff it in the ear. After one night, the ear will be magically painless, and it can also reduce the accumulation of earwax and deafness, and make the wound twist.

Fifth, there are many ways to evict mosquitoes and repel mosquitoes. I believe that you have used a variety of methods.

In fact, onions also have this effect.

Place the onion next to the lamp, or place the sliced onion on the table top, so that the mosquitoes can be effectively expelled.

Sixth, prevention of insomnia is a very torturous thing. When we are insomnia, we can chop the onion and wrap it in a paper towel and put it on the pillow. The unique stimulating ingredients of onion can exert the magical effect of calming nerves and tempting sleep.

Everyone did not expect that onions, which are common in ordinary life, have so many magical effects!

Such a baby must be used in life, not just as ordinary food.

Usually you can prepare some onions at home, and you can use it to help yourself when you need it.

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