Yoga exercises to help you relax

Yoga exercises to help you relax

In modern urban life, people have to bear the pressure from various aspects every day. If this life continues, our bodies will sooner or later collapse.

It is better to calm down and do yoga moves, and to put aside all the thoughts, it only takes 1 minute a day to enjoy the relaxation brought by yoga in this meditation.

  1. Sitting position, legs bent, feet feet close to the feet, hold the toes with both hands, straighten to leave the ground naturally, straight forward, relax when stepping on, can be lowered slightly, eyes look forward.

  2. Twist sitting in kneeling position, put your feet close together, lower your feet and insert them on the right floor of your feet, turn slightly to the right, straighten your right arm into the back, and place your left hand on the upper right, with your eyes looking at the front left.

  3, cross-legged sit cross-legged, with the right foot near the heel of the left thigh, the left foot near the heel of the right thigh, hands on top, palms up, straight forward, relax slightly abovereduce.

  4. Side-legged sitting posture, right leg is bent, right foot is close to the body, left leg is straight to the left, toes point upwards, body is bent to the left, left elbow is on the ground, left hand is holding the left foot, right arm is around the head, Hold your left foot with your right hand, and press your head to the lower left.

  5. The sitting posture is positive-legged sitting posture, the right leg is bent off the ground, the soles of the feet are on the ground, the left leg is straight forward and forward, crossed around the back, hold hands, the body leans forward, the right arm needs to go around the upper right.

  6. Sitting in a boat position, straight forward, feet close together, legs straight and lifted off the floor, at least 60 degrees from the floor, straight forward, forward and backward, eyes forward.

  7, sitting twisted sitting position, right leg bent, feet touch the ground, left leg straight forward, toes pointing to the sky, right arm stretched to support the right rear of the body, left arm around the right head, right hand hooked to the right wrist, bodyTwist to the right and back, with the sides close to the upper right.

  8. Samurai kneeling position with feet separated from each other, sitting close to the floor on the middle of the heels of both feet, straight forward, hands flat on the front of thighs, palms facing upwards, stepping on slightly back to open, stand upPieces.