Women in the workplace wary of psychological crisis

Women in the workplace wary of psychological crisis

A suicide drowning woman was found in the moat on October 8 last year. This report was actually hidden at the time. In fact, the suicide woman was the editor of the sports weekly newspaper Li Ying. The suicide was caused by marriage.

  Recalling previous incident reports, it is still difficult to diminish the grief in her heart. After graduating, Li Ying worked in the Beijing military media and was relatively well-known in developing countries. She had just been promoted to deputy director of the general department, and her career prospects were bright.

But the blow to marriage was that she had been married for less than two years, and the betrayal of her husband (which is also known to be two persons) forced her to go back to the road of no return.

Many of Li Ying’s friends can’t think of why she usually works actively (still committed to work before committing suicide), optimistic, cheerful, and grinning, why did she go-“Far away!”

To this day, due to the tragic heritage dispute case caused by this tragedy, it has once again attracted attention.

Li Ying’s suicide was a problem with emotions, and the huge damage caused by the great changes in marriage. Now the betrayer “killer” is asking for inheritance. Since he betrayed his feelings, he is now asking for money again.”Human” conscience.

Li Ying died for love, so why are you resentful ~~~ After reading this report, some people felt upset and uneasy, thinking about why Li Ying couldn’t think of it so much?

There are still many happiness in life to find, why did you choose to leave?

Li Ying’s departure gives us a lot of warnings. If similar things happen to us, how should we respond?

  Cherish life warnings psychological crisis depression depression is a very tortured psychological “cold”, its universality is like a cold, the difference is the psychology of its occurrence.

Depression is caused by an overstretched nervous system caused by external shocks and stress.

The manifestations of depression are usually depression, depression, slow thinking, lack of self-confidence, etc. Of course, depression also hides itself very much, but the emotions on the surface are very excited and happy. In fact, the above emotions are hidden inside.

  Anxiety Anxiety often manifests as palpitations, chest tightness, shortness of breath, excessive sweating, nervousness, panic, etc. Serious anxiety disorders may in turn cause a variety of mental disorders, such as depression, phobia, suspected discomfort, etc.Can’t see.

  There are always all kinds of pressures and shocks when people are alive. As long as we stick to our hearts, pay attention to changes in our emotions, and strengthen our daily psychological adjustment, there will be no insurmountable difficulties.