What do you eat with anemia? Learn to drink porridge

What does anemia eat to supplement the body?

Learn to drink porridge and blood

Nutrition experts point out that if you want to achieve this ideal effect, you should focus on nourishing.

In addition to maintaining optimism and developing good living habits, it is also necessary to strengthen diet and nutrition. In general, you should eat more protein called “hematopoietic materials”, essential trace elements (iron, copper), folic acid and other nutritious foods, such as lean meat.Animal liver, fish and shrimp, soy products, fungus, red dates, peanuts and fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.

  Here are a few simple and easy to do blood porridge, hoping to help women who love beauty and love health.

  Nourishing porridge jujube porridge: After washing the rice, add a few red jujubes, add some water, cook until thick, and eat.

  Pork liver porridge: Take 150 grams of pig liver, wash and cut into small pieces, put 100 grams of washed rice, add appropriate amount of water, and add onions, ginger, salt and other spices, a total of porridge.

  Chicken soup porridge: Take 1 hen, remove the hair, cut clean, add appropriate amount of water to cook into a thick soup.

Take 100 grams of raw chicken soup, add 100 grams of the previous rice, add appropriate amount of water to cook porridge, boil over high heat, light and thick.

  Peanut beef tendon porridge: Take 80 grams of beef tendon, wash, cut into small pieces, and 80 grams of peanuts and 100 grams of washed glutinous rice into the casserole, add water to the amount of porridge, until the tendon is cooked, rice soup thick.
  Ejiao porridge: Wash glutinous rice, cook in a pot, add appropriate amount of gelatin. After melting, add some brown sugar and serve.

  Spinach porridge: Take 100-150g of fresh spinach roots, wash it and tear it by hand. It has 100g of rice, add casserole, add 800ml of water, cook until the rice is thick and thick, and can be eaten.

  Tips for anemia are best not to drink tea.

If you are already anemic, don’t drink tea.

Drinking more tea causes anemia to worsen, because the iron in the food easily combines with the precipitated acid in the tea to form an insoluble implant of iron, which hinders the absorption of iron.

  Iron-containing foods do not eat with milk.

Whether iron-containing foods are taken with milk and some drugs that neutralize stomach acid will interfere with the absorption of iron. Therefore, when eating iron-containing foods, try not to drink milk and not take drugs that neutralize stomach acid.

  Jujube blood should not be eaten for a long time.

Although jujube is a good product for blood supplement, it is not suitable for long-term use, otherwise the stomach is easy to rise, and often the body becomes fat.

It is enough to eat 2 or 3 times a week, so as not to make up the blood but still have to worry about weight loss.