Elderly patients with psoriasis easy to use drugs into the misunderstanding

Elderly patients with psoriasis easy to use drugs into the misunderstanding

With the advent of the 21st century, the problem of previous aging has gradually emerged.

At present, it has entered the ranks of aging countries in advance every year. There are more and more elderly people. Of course, it is normal for the elderly to get sick. Many elderly people hope that their illness will be better soon after they become ill, especially the elderly silver.Patients with psoriasis.

They are often interfered with by psoriasis. I hope that there is a drug that can cure psoriasis immediately. It is often easy to produce some wrong medication mentality, which can be used blindly. This will not only play the role of the drug, but may beBecause of improper medication, it can lead to aggravation or other diseases.

There are many elderly patients with psoriasis who often surround the misdiagnosed area and make the condition repeat. What is the common misdiagnosis area for elderly patients with psoriasis?

  Beijing Junke Yinkang Hospital experts pointed out that elderly patients with psoriasis generally enter the following misunderstandings when using drugs.

Misunderstanding one, I named the drug.

Older patients with psoriasis suffer from chronic diseases. Some elderly patients with psoriasis suffer from their old experience of “long illness and become a doctor.” Whenever a chronic disease recurs, go directly to the pharmacy to buy medicine.

Even if you go to the hospital to see a doctor, you will not be concerned about the specific conditions of your own illness, so you will blindly call the doctor to use the medicine. Otherwise, you should blame the doctor for the medicine “no matter what you use.”

In fact, this kind of random drug use in elderly patients with psoriasis is likely to cause drug-induced sputum, leading to the occurrence of adverse drug reactions, and even lead to the occurrence of “drug-borne diseases”; the second mistake is to take medicine and follow the advertisement.

Now, through the propaganda of the advertising media, if a large number of elderly patients with psoriasis feel that a certain medicine is good for a certain disease, they will be given a drug “love”, and when they suffer from similar symptoms, they use this.Kind of medicine.

I have been using the toxic side effects of the drug before going to the hospital for consultation. Many elderly patients with psoriasis have caused the consequences of “repairing the sheep”.

Some elderly patients with psoriasis are superstitious about the new drugs and “special effects drugs” introduced in medical advertisements. Some of the well-known words of medical advertisements are often misled into the “fashionable” instigators of elderly patients with psoriasis;The more, the better the effect.

We all know that people are older, and many diseases are also encountered with elderly patients with psoriasis. Some elderly patients with psoriasis often ask the doctor to prescribe the medicine in order to make the disease faster.The more, the better the effect.

Elderly patients with psoriasis should understand that multiple drugs can be used instead of local application, which not only does not increase the therapeutic effect, but may reduce the efficacy due to the mutual counteracting effects between drugs.

Some will soon have the opposite effect due to violation of the characteristics of compatible forests, increasing the toxicity of the drug. Therefore, elderly patients with psoriasis should not think that taking more medicine or taking multiple drugs can better treat the disease. Misunderstanding 4, I believe that “preciousmedicine”.

Some elderly patients with psoriasis often compare the price of the drug with the price of the goods, and are easily misled by the mentality of “one price per share”. It is considered that the expensive drug effect must be better than the low-cost drug, and the effect is quick.

In fact, the effect of drug treatment is not to be “price”.

The absolute price of drugs is high and low, and the right medicine is a good medicine.

If elderly patients with psoriasis are passionate about “precious drugs,” they will not only waste money, but also benefit the treatment of the disease and the body itself.

Misunderstanding 5, think that nourishing drugs are beneficial and harmless.

Excessive elderly patients with psoriasis, especially some elderly people who enjoy public medical care after retirement, go to the hospital to see a doctor, often ask doctors to open nutritious nourishing drugs to eat, thinking that all tonics can keep fit, eat more beneficial and harmless.

In fact, many elderly patients with psoriasis are not all suffering from “deficiency syndrome”. If they abuse the tonic, they will violate the medical treatment principle of “the Yin and Yang secret, the spirit is rule” of the motherland medicine, but it will disturb the balance of yin and yang of the human body., causing metabolic disorders.

Therefore, we say that “it is a three-point drug, medicine is not as good as food supplement” is the basic principle of applying nourishing drugs; misunderstanding six, after relying on drugs, rely too much on taking medicine.

Too many elderly patients with psoriasis believe that the disease can heal, all of which are drugs.

In fact, drugs are only a weapon for the human body to overcome disease. To repel disease, it depends on the body’s own immunity, and drugs only serve as a reinforcement.

Therefore, elderly patients with psoriasis should not use drugs casually to avoid drug resistance. When they are really needed, they lose their anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects due to drug resistance.

As the saying goes, medicine is not as good as food supplement. If you prevent the onset of psoriasis in your daily diet, why not!

  Finally, experts from Beijing Junke Yinkang Hospital reminded elderly patients with psoriasis that there is nothing wrong with getting sick when they are sick, but when you take the medicine, you have to be symptomatic. You can’t just believe in some advertisements, remedies, etc.It is a waste of money, and the disease is not getting better treatment, and sometimes it will aggravate the condition.

Therefore, elderly patients with psoriasis must avoid the above misunderstandings that we provide for you. You should take the relevant drugs according to your doctor’s advice, so as not to waste your financial resources and achieve the desired results.