[Can white vinegar be directly drunk]_Eat Method_Eat Tips

[Can white vinegar be directly drunk]_Eat Method_Eat Tips

Vinegar has many functions, and many foods cannot be separated from vinegar for seasoning. Some of the sweet and sour fish and sweet and sour meat that we are familiar with are very important.

There are many varieties of vinegar. Our common white vinegar and vinegar are essential in life. Especially the vegetables copied by white vinegar are more fragrant, but can white vinegar be directly drunk?

Drinking is OK, but it doesn’t make sense to drink it directly, it is best to go with food.

Can white vinegar replace aging vinegar?

White vinegar is not able to color the gradation and tastes different from aged vinegar.

White vinegar and aged vinegar are both edible vinegars that can also be used as seasonings, but the taste of the two is different.

Can white vinegar be used instead of vinegar? Can white vinegar be directly drunk? The vinegar is rich in flavor, thicker than white vinegar, and mostly amber or reddish brown in color. In addition to adding aroma and mellow taste to dishes, it can also color dishes.

White vinegar is light in color and can hardly be colored. It is used in Western food.

People with high blood pressure and vascular disease are not suitable to eat vinegar, and white vinegar can be used instead.

Basically, more vinegar is used in Chinese food, because vinegar contains more spices. After continuous fermentation, its concentration and aroma are more than white vinegar, and its nutrition is also richer.

Aged vinegar contains an amino acid equivalent to 10 times the content of white vinegar, which can improve the body’s immunity, stabilize blood pressure and blood sugar, and also effectively purify the blood. It also has a good effect on preventing cancer.

However, the content of vinegar is higher than that of white vinegar, which is seriously detrimental to patients with hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

In addition, many people think that the smell of white vinegar is irritating and can only be used for sterilization.

In fact, the smell of high-quality white vinegar is sour and has no other pungent odor.

In terms of taste, white vinegar should be non-irritating even with high acidity. The mouth is soft and sweet, not astringent.

Can I drink white vinegar directly?

You can drink a small spoon of white vinegar after meals to help digestion. You can also drink a small amount when you have no appetite. You can also drink some white vinegar to help sleep.

Be careful not to drink vinegar on an empty stomach, otherwise it will cause too much acid in your stomach and easily cause stomach upset.

There are 4 types of raw materials and production methods of vinegar: 1.

Traditional Chinese vinegar raw materials are mainly glutinous rice and rice (long rice) in the south of the Yangtze River, and sorghum and millet in the north of the Yangtze River.

At present, it is usually replaced by broken rice, corn, sweet potato, dried sweet potato, potato, dried potato, etc.

The raw materials are first cooked, gelatinized, liquefied, and saccharified to convert the starch into sugar, and then yeast is used to produce ethanol, and then acetic acid is fermented under the action of acetic acid bacteria to oxidize ethanol to produce acetic acid.


Vinegar is made from sugar-containing raw materials. Grapes, apples, pears, peaches, persimmons, dates, tomatoes, etc. can be used to make various fruit vinegars. Honey and molasses can also be used as raw materials.

They are only through two biochemical stages of ethanol fermentation and acetic fermentation.


Using ethanol as raw material, acetic acid bacteria only undergo a biochemical stage of fermentation with acetic acid.

For example, it takes only 1 day to make vinegar by using low-alcohol liquor or edible alcohol and water as the raw material.
Get vinegar in 3 days.