Why are children rebellious?

Why are children rebellious?

1. “Incompetent mothers” are not welcome children: I like singing, dancing, painting, paper cutting, pinching mud, but mothers don’t.

Mom goes out early and returns late. She doesn’t seem to be interested in my hobbies at all.

Actually, I hope my mother can play with me.

Moreover, my mother never answered my questions enthusiastically, and said that my question was very strange, why are there so many words for children.

  Opinion: The child’s curiosity and curiosity are very strong. They want to know a lot of things from their mother, so they have their own natural curiosity and curiosity.

But if the mother always asks three questions, the child will be very disappointed.

At the same time, it is also very detrimental to the development of children’s early language skills.

  Suggestion: In order to be a mother that your child likes and is proud of, reading and studying is the key.

However, at the same time, try to spend as much time as possible with your child and talk more with your child.

After all, mother is not perfect, there are always things that mother cannot.

There is no need to learn this for the sake of the child. To tell the child that knowledge is boundless, the mother will continue to enrich herself just like the child does now.

Let the children learn to learn new things on their own.

  2. “TV Mom” Indifferent Children: Mom always sits in front of the TV when she is free, and sets me aside for the TV series.

Mom watched TV shows more than me.

  Opinion: If the mother has been working with the television, she will lack the opportunity to play games with her children, read books and take children to nature to carry out parent-child activities.

This not only loses many opportunities to communicate with the child, but also affects the child. As a result, he also likes watching TV from an early age, and is not good at communicating with people. Communication, in serious cases, autism and autism may also occur.

  Recommendation: Childhood is very precious. If mother has time, she should spend more time with her children.

  3, “Harsh mother” restrains children: Mom is always dissatisfied with me and wants to treat me as a “very versatile child prodigy”, piano, dance, art, gymnastics and computer. I have learned a lot, but she always thinks thatThis is not done well, that is not well learned.

  Opinion: Children generally don’t like mothers who are too harsh. Such mothers are too harsh on their children and always say “no”.

Children are often in a state of freedom and restraint.

  Recommendation: Children are naturally unrestrained and free, whoever deprives them of this basic need is bound to be unwelcome.

Remember not to overdo and interfere with your child. Let it go boldly and allow him appropriate freedom and indulgence.

  4, “Comparison Mom” People are tired of children: “You see how capable a certain one, you look at yourself again.

“This is what my mother often said to me.

In front of everyone, my mother always likes to compare me with other children. She either said that I was bad or praised the children of my colleagues or neighbors better than me.

Actually, I think I have done well myself.

  Opinion: The blame for the child caused him to be a little unconvinced and even disgusted.

This approach is detrimental to the child’s unique personality and self-confidence.

  Recommendation: Moms should recognize that each child has unique abilities and interests, and must not require them according to a standard.

Let the child be himself and help him develop his potential together.

  5. “Humble mother” suppresses children: In front of guests, I always like to show my best strengths, but my mother always says in front of others that I don’t do well.

  Opinion: In front of outsiders, children are often more excited and like to behave, but at the same time some small mistakes are unavoidable. This is normal.

However, the mother thought that the child ‘s “crazy” had made parents lose face, or in order to show that their godson was good, blamed the child in front of everyone.

  Suggestion: Children’s self-esteem is sometimes stronger than adults, and their hearts are more fragile. The above practices cause them to strongly dislike, lose self-confidence, and even rebel.

  When a child starts not listening to his mother and begins to behave rebelliously to his mother’s education, the mother should start to observe carefully, and her own place arouses the child’s resentment.

If you are wrong, you must make corrections in a timely manner.

However, as these children grow older, the more they know about the outside world, the stronger the requirements for independence, and the rebellious psychology may also occur, which is normal.