Mix rice with rice for dinner

Mix rice with rice for dinner

With people’s understanding of health, green, healthy, organic, and original grains are highly respected by consumers. Millet, glutinous rice, buckwheat, red beans and other miscellaneous grains are also on the table, and there is also innovation in eating.

  Yesterday, the reporter visited the hot spring suburbs grain food store and supermarket, and found that the merchants have opened counters of miscellaneous grains, all kinds of miscellaneous grains are dazzling, and the consumers who are buying are endless.

Among them, millet, corn borer, etc. are particularly popular, and buyers are mostly middle-aged and elderly.

  Ms. Jiang, who is buying miscellaneous grains, said: “Everyone knows that eating more grains is good for health, but a lot of miscellaneous grains are not good because they taste bad.

Recently, many people mixed rice and rice to cook rice. The family said that the taste was not bad.

The owner of a grain and oil store in Hot Spring Buried Hill Road told reporters that summer is the peak season for the sale of whole grains. Recently, it has been popular among many citizens to mix rice and rice together for cooking.

In addition, young people buy red beans, black beans and other miscellaneous grains mixed juice.

  It is understood that the grains contain vitamins B1, B2, B6 and other B vitamins, as well as a variety of essential trace elements, proteins, traces and supplemental fibers, which are more balanced and richer than single raw materials.

These raw materials can be used to eliminate intestinal toxicity, balance the body’s pH, and supplement the body with comprehensive and balanced nutrition and prevent disease.