Test love character — chocolate taste

Test love character — chocolate taste

Some people say that the taste of love is like chocolate. There are several different flavors of chocolate below. Which one do you like best?


Bourbon Chocolate B.

Dark chocolate C.

Milk chocolate D.

Brownie E.

Scallop Chocolate F.

Sandwich chocolate analysis and selection A: She who likes wine chocolate the most: She likes exciting things and has the courage to challenge and innovate.

In love, you are often in a strong position, holding the right to status, and the other party obediently obeys you.

He who likes chocolate heart most: Your other half is actually a master of love. Most of the time he behaves like alcohol, and his obedience to you is actually an anti-arrest against you.

You say one, he never says two, and he can often find your brutal and lovely side in your call.

  Choice B: She who likes dark chocolate the most: You are a hard-working, hard-working, good lover who depends on the old good partner.

Your personality is strong, independent and assertive. Anything difficult will not embarrass you. What you leave your other half is often a mysterious impression. You are a vibrant girl.

He loves dark chocolate: In his mind, you are very mysterious and a little unfathomable. There must be a lot of stories behind you.

He hopes he can be the prince who saves you.

  Choice C: She who likes milk chocolate the most: You are a pure, well-behaved image in the eyes of most people. In fact, there is a restless heart hidden in your body.

Although you cherish the other half of you now, you are secretly looking forward to the next better goal in your heart.

He loves milk chocolate: he thinks that you are the cutest princess in his heart. When he sees you, he will think of you instinctively and want to protect you. It is your pity and compassion that touched his big man.

You can arrogantly coquettish him, play a small temper . he is absolutely obedient to you.

  Choice D: She who likes brownie the most: You are a new and old hate person. Once you get along with your lover for a long time, you will feel less and less passion. You don’t like the feelings of long flowing water.

In this way, you will constantly change the boyfriend around you, to outsiders, you are simply the legendary flower heart radish.

He loves brownies: When he is single-minded about you, you can hardly see it, and he is willing to serve you anytime, anywhere.

You might as well try to discover his strengths one by one, and cherish his true feelings.

  Choice E: She who likes scallop chocolate the most: You are a romantic person, you will give the best thing to your other half, you lack the experience of love, often only care about doing some superficial efforts to please him, you have notHe really understands what he wants most, what is in his heart, and then he will be struggling.

He loves scallop chocolate: he is a little timid, he always worry that he does not meet your requirements.

You like beautiful things, and in order to love you, he will reset to meet any of your requirements.

  Choice F: She who likes sandwich chocolate the most: You are a honey baby.

You always treat your other half as a husband, no matter what happens, you can’t get separated.

You often think about the other side and often think about how to take better care of the other side. Your sloppy tone will really confuse your other half.

He who loves sandwich chocolate: You and he will work tirelessly to do everything for you. He thinks that every minute I spend with you is unforgettable. He can make his heart better than you.

Basically, you can live together forever, and you can be happy to the end as long as you maintain enthusiasm.