Refuse to lose weight!

I want to increase 13 pounds a month.

Refuse to lose weight!
I want to increase 13 pounds a month.

Meeting with friends will inevitably lead them to say how I am getting thinner.

This is really not the way to go. I am going to collapse myself. The following is determined to increase fat. In fact, I am the kind of born skinny body, that is, pure physique, people are very excited and nervous.

It is easy to sweat, especially hands and feet. In addition to winter, the palms and feet are wet all year round.

To add to the worse, my stomach is not good, usually diarrhea.

In this way, I have all the disadvantages, but I am not born with fate. I don’t believe that I am determined to do it. It will have no effect. Let me try again.Can’t produce results.

Below I will elaborate on my experience of fattening this month, for the reference of all the brothers and sisters who are suffering from the same illness.

  First of all, the most basic and most important thing to gain weight is to eat the stomach and the stomach to absorb, so I went to the hospital to do a detailed examination. The result of the examination is the intestinal flora imbalance (in fact, a large part of the stomach is not good)I have given some western medicine to me, but the Western medicine is seriously palliative, so I went to see an old Chinese doctor. He gave me some Chinese medicine. I want to combine Chinese and Western medicines.

  Later, it proved that Chinese medicine did not work. I was the first Chinese medicine. After eating Chinese medicine, I found that my stomach was still pulling.

Fortunately, I started to eat western medicine. The situation began to improve. I thought that when I was taking the medicine, I tried to eat more and eat it when I had a good stomach. When the medicine was finished, I couldn’t get the stomach and started to make mistakes.

Let me talk about how I arranged it every day during this period.

  Breakfast must be eaten (I have never eaten breakfast before), here I advise all friends who want to gain weight, the habit of not eating breakfast must be changed, and breakfast should be eaten as early as possible, probably in seven or eightIf you eat too late, it will affect the food intake at noon.

The breakfast should be slightly better. My breakfast is bread, milk or thick soy milk. Sometimes I will change the taste to eat glutinous rice and thick soy milk.

In short, at least you have to eat.

After eating something in the morning, you can exercise a little to promote digestion, so as not to affect the next more important Chinese food.

  Time I usually start at around 11:30, eat two bowls of very real rice (this can be different according to their own situation, the standard is to eat very bloated, because the stomach can slowly supportBig, you can eat this way every day. After you get back, you will find that the stomach is getting bigger and the amount of rice is increased.) Well, try eating some high-protein, chicken, lean meat, pork ribs, hot soup.I have to drink more. After eating, I will eat a bowl of soy beans. The protein content of soy beans is very high. It is good to eat every day. I will eat a bowl of soybeans every day for lunch and dinner.

After eating lunch, try to let yourself exercise. If you can sit, you won’t stand. If you can lie down, you won’t sit, because at this time, a sport will be consumed. The things you eat at noon will be discounted.

  At 3:30 in the afternoon, I will eat two poached eggs. The next part is what I think is very important. After eating, I will have half an hour of anaerobic training and lifting dumbbells.Try to buy a pair, because anaerobic training and appropriate protein supplements can quickly grow muscles, so that when the weight is completely up, it will make the body more beautiful. Remember, don’t stay up all night, every day.I must sleep before twelve o’clock, this day is over, you can not insert the blade in the last one, otherwise it will be all white. I am basically the muscles of the muscles and the muscles of the skull, the muscles of the skull.Practice can be carried out through the action of “Flying Birds”.

In fact, I have not put another important muscle group in it, that is, the leg muscles. I will strengthen the training in this area next month.

After the workout, I will have dinner. I have to eat twelve full meals for dinner. It is just that you want to vomit. For a while, I almost spit it out, and forced myself to eat more, for the great increase.Fertilizer business, this bitter must be affected.

After eating, it is also a body, try not to move, to eat supper at about ten o’clock, night must eat. At this time, after eating and sleeping, it is the easiest to grow meat. Remember, don’t stay up late.I must sleep before twelve o’clock every day. I have come over this day. Don’t insert the fork in the last one, otherwise it will be completely in vain!

In addition, I also bought protein powder to eat (no need to be too expensive, I seem to eat is relatively poor, seventy yuan a bottle -_-).
I will drink one or two bottles of peanut milk every day. I think this kind of drink is very effective for fattening. Because peanuts contain the highest transition food, milk can add protein, so friends who want to gain weight can pack the whole box.The end is back to eat.
  This was done for a month, and today I called the weight again and found that I had 110 pounds!

I am really happy, although the road is still very long, but I will continue to do so. My goal is to reach 130 pounds.
  I am writing this experience to tell all friends who want to gain weight. I must establish confidence that I will be able to stack the troubles of thin people. You have to think about me. I am all responsible for the factors that are not conducive to gaining weight. YouWhat are you worried about? As long as you persist, you will succeed. Finally, I wish you all a successful fattening!